About us

Vasteryoushan Maad Company with the commercial brand Vaster Green, having experts in various agricultural sciences and chemistry, as well as having a laboratory fully equipped with advanced devices for quality control of manufactured products and holding a license from the Plant Protection Organization of Iran, and also a certificate from the Research and Development Unit (R&D) from the Industry& Mines Organization has been proud to produce agricultural inputs in Iran since 2008. Currently, in addition to the production of all kinds of pesticides, the company has begun to produce all kinds of powdered and liquid fertilizer formulations.
The main goal of Vaster Green company is the full consent of customers and maintaining environmental standards and sustainable agricultural development. For this purpose, the researchers of this company have always made every effort to use the latest formulation technology of agricultural pesticides (based on FAO standards) and micronutrient fertilizers, (According to the rules of soil and water research organization) and also study their products in terms of increasing productivity and maintaining the health of agricultural products.
This company has two offices in Tehran and Hamedan in order to make a better communication with its clients.