2,4-D + MCPA Pesticide

  • 2,4-D + MCPA is a systemic herbicide from the phenoxyacetic acid group.
  • It is not recommended to use it on fields of clover and other legumes that have just been planted.
  • Cereals are sprayed in the spring when the leaf sheaths appear. Cereals can be sprayed from the 5-leaf stage to before the appearance of the first bud.
  • The last time of grain spraying is before the appearance of the first sprout.
  • The wind drift of this herbicide in nearby fields causes damage to broad-leaved crops, especially sugar beet, cotton, cabbage, vegetable and greenhouse crops such as celery, pear and grape orchards, etc.
  • It is not recommended to use it on products that are under stress or do not have active growth, and when It is raining.
Amount of consumption When to use weed product
1-2 liters per hectare From the first of tiller to the formation of wheat stem broad leaf weed Weat and barley



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