L 80 % PETROLEUM oil

PETROLEUM oil is availbale in the market under the brand name of Volck L80 oil and it consists of 80% oil, 18% water and 2% emulsifier, and its sulfonation degree is 92%. This combination is used to control all kinds of mites, weevils, aphids, psyllids, whiteflies, green house whiteflies, moths, larvae of butterflies, and etc. on fruit and is applied on nut trees, grapes, citrus fruits,vegetables and plants. Greenhouse and ornamental plants. Vaster Green Volk oil also prevents the growth of some fungi by covering the plant with a thin hydrocarbon layer. This compound also controls the citrus greasy spot fungus, banana Sigatoka fungus and true grape powdery fungus well, but this control is not enough due to the short duration of Volk oil and lack of complete leaf coverage. This combination has advantages over pesticides that have made it well used in the integrated pest management program:

  1. In addition to a wide range of pests, it is also effective against the eggs and larvae of mites, aphids and some butterflies.
  2. Insecticide residues eliminate the natural enemies of pests when they get near the sprayed surfaces for a few weeks after application, but Vaster Green Volk oil (with contact effect), in addition to being more stable, as long as the beneficial insects directly It will not be removed if it is not exposed to oil.
  3. This compound is not harmful to humans, other mammals and birds, and after spraying oil, it spreads quickly and does not leave any residue on the crops. Any residue of this compound is decomposed by bacteria and is less dangerous for the environment. What can be emphasized about Vaster Green Volk oil is that, if it is sprayed with the right method instead of spraying, it can control all the pests on fruit trees.






Quantity and amount of consumption:


Terms of usage: in the form of a 1.5% solution spray after the peak of winter cold and before the awakening of the trees.

Usage: for pre-spring, spring and summer fight against bedbugs and some ticks to accompany some of the poisons as foliar soap or Adjuvant.


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