Vaster Green Abamectin is available in the market under the brand name Vertimec 1.8%EC. Abamectin is from the chemical group of Avermectins and is of microbial origin obtained from the fermentation of an actinomycete called Streptomyces avermectilis. This compound is a macrocyclic lactone with a contact and digestive effect, which is effective against a wide range of nematodes, insects and arachnids. This compound is highly toxic through digestion and touching it. Abamectin is an acaricide and insecticide that has contact and digestive properties and has a gradual effect in terms of pesticides, but its paralyzing effect occurs quickly. Abamectin is applied  to control the motile stages of mites, flies and phyllocnistis citrella, thrips, psyllids, whiteflies, leaf-eating worms and Colorado beetles, as well as termites on ornamental plants, cotton, citrus fruit trees and stone and pome fruits, vegetables and herbs. It can also be mixed with oil to achieve better results in controlling tree mites. Abamectin should never be used with an irrigation system. The interval between the last spraying of abamectin and the harvest is 21 days.




Amount of consumption & Usage

Amount of consumption Kind of the pest Product
0.6 liters per hectare Minoz Vegetables
20 cc + 250 cc oil in

100 liters of water for a spraying turn

citrus rust mite





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