Vaster Green Ethion is available in the market under the brand name Ethion 47%EC. This insecticide belongs to the group of organ phosphorus poisons with contact, digestive and non-systemic properties and with definite effect on pests. Ethion is used against weevils and Diaspididae of citrus and cold season fruit trees. Also, if this insecticide is used with oil, it will be able to remove the larvae of insects, mites and weevils. It is metabolized in the body of animals through the oxidation reaction to phosphorothioate compounds and further by alkylation and hydrolysis. Ethion is an insecticide that is used to control various types of mites, aphids, thrips, weevils and shields of cold season fruit trees, citrus fruits and also against many larvae of butterflies, caterpillars, psyllids and other sucking pests on products such as grapes, pistachios, vegetables, cotton, corn, sorghum, strawberries, ornamental plants, and etc. Also, this insecticide is sprayed with oil in the form of winter foliar spraying on resting and sleeping trees in order to remove the larvae of insects and mites and weevils and moving forms of pests and other wintering species are effective.

Amount of consumption & Usage


Amount of consumption Kind of the pest Product
1.5 to 2  per mill with oil to spray the resting trees in order to remove nits, tree mites  and psyllidae


Cold-season fruit trees
1.5 to 2 per mill  with oil Diaspididae Citrus



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