Vaster Green Fenvalerate is available in the market under the brand name Sumicidin 20% EC. Fenvalerate is a pyrethroid insecticide group with non-systemic property and contact and digestive effect. This compound is formulated as an emulsion (20% EC) and has a little anti-mite properties. Fenvalerate is effective on plant pests and is one of the first synthetic pyrethroids that is used in agriculture due to its high insecticidal power and durability against sunlight. It is stable in acidic environments, but its ester chain is hydrolyzed in alkaline environments. This compound has a quick knock down effect. This effect is not directly related to the lethal effect of the pesticide, because the amount of pesticide required to cause death is usually much more than the amount needed to paralyze them. The effect of fenvalerite is similar to pyrethrins, as they cause the insect to fall quickly. The effect of this poison is due to nerve inhibition and has a positive correlation with temperature. Fenvalerate is effective on a wide range of pests, especially those that show resistance to organochlorine, organophosphorus and carbamate insecticides. Fenvalerate is applied in order to control wood-eating, sucking and gnawing insects of different orders on cotton, oilseeds, and vegetables, nuts, grapes, olives, sunflowers, alfalfa, cereals, corn and sorghum, potatoes, Beet, peanut, soy, tobacco, sugarcane, ornamental, forest and pasture plants. Fenvalerate has good compatibility with the mentioned plants in the recommended dose, it can be mixed with non-alkaline fungicides.




Amount of consumption & Usage :


Amount of consumption Kind of the pest Product
1 liter per hectare Prodonia Beet ( Beet Root)
0.5 liter per hectare leucoptera scitella zell (Lep: Lyontiidae) Fruit trees


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