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Solu Potash is the best source of potassium and can easily be used for saline soils in terms of sulfur base. Potassium element is considered a quality element in plants and is considered one of the essential elements, which is the most consumed element needed by plants after nitrogen. The use of chemical fertilizers containing this element improves the nutritional conditions of plants and increases the quality and performance of agricultural products. This product has special advantages over other potassium fertilizers, including the following:

  1. It can be used in all agricultural and garden crops.
  2. Increases plant resistance against diseases, cold, and drought.
  3. In addition to the potassium element, there is also some sulfate, which has both a nutritional role for the plant and is important in terms of soil amendment.
  4. This fertilizer can be mixed with most of the usual fertilizers except calcium-containing fertilizers.
  5. Its high solubility compared to potassium sulfate

For the fertigation method, the desired amount should be dissolved in 300 to 500 liters of water. Gradually add the amount of Solu Potash to the water and in case of foliar spraying, first, fill the water tank up to two-thirds of the volume and then dilute the remaining one-third with water and stir the water constantly until the fertilizer is completely dissolved.


Usage instructions:

Products Amount of consumption
Earthy method



(kg per 1000 liter)

Agricultural products / crops 10-15 4-6
Gardens 15-30
Vegetables, and green house crops 5-10


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