Vaster Green 15-05-30+ TE

Vaster Green  15-5-30+TE fertilizer contains 15%  of nitrogen, 5% of phosphorus and 30% of potassium, which, due to the high ratio of potassium and the average amount of nitrogen, is a suitable fertilizer formula for all kinds of agricultural and garden crops that can be used in early Reproductive phase was used to improve the quality and quantity of the product. In addition, this formula contains 0.02% magnesium, which will help the growth speed and quality of the product by supplying the magnesium requirement of the plant in the reproductive phase, which can be used both as a foliar application and in the irrigation system. Also, this fertilizer improves the transfusion of photosynthetic compounds from the source to the reservoir, removes macro and micro elements during the breeding season and increases the quantity and quality of the product.

Compounds :


macronutrients (%)    (ppm) Micronutrients
K2O P2O5 N Fe Zn Mg B Cu
  Chelated with EDTA
30 5 15 1000 1600 1000 100 1000

Usage instructions:

Amount of consumption Products
Spraying Fertigation
3-5 Kg in per 1000 liters of water 10-15 Kg per hectare Agricultural products
1-3Kg in per 1000 liters of water 10-20 Kg per hectare Fruit trees and greenhouse



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