Vaster Green liquid Boron fertilizer


Boron ………………… 11%

The liquid boron fertilizer is a combination with an advanced formulation that contains a high percentage of the element and is quickly absorbed by the plant. The presence of mono-ethanol amine in the formulation of this fertilizer increases the amount of absorption through the leaves and also facilitates the transfusion of this element within plant tissues. Fertilizer on liquid causes metabolism and transfer of carbohydrates, improvement of allogamy and pollination, formation and growth of fruit, lignification and differentiation of xylem vessels, strength of cell wall, increase of resistance to cold and regulation of oxidation in the plant. This fertilizer can also be absorbed through the leaves and through the irrigation system, and it cannot be mixed with alkaline compounds and compounds containing copper, sulfur, phosphorus, mineral acids (nitric acid and phosphoric acid) and also mineral oils.


Amount of consumption Products
Spraying (L/1000) Fertigation  (L/h)
1 liter 2.5 liters Strawberry
1 liter 1-2 liters Alfalfa
1.5 liters 3-5 liters Cotton
1.5 liters 2-3 liters Fruit and citrus trees


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