Vastergreen 10+52+10 + TE

Vaster Green fertilizer 10-52-10 +TE is completely soluble in water and with a high percentage of phosphorus, it has maximum solubility and purity and does not contain chlorine and sodium. The presence of (N-P2O5-K2O) 1:5.2:1  ratio in this compound causes root development, flowering and increase in yield in the plant. Due to its acidic pH, this fertilizer prevents the formation of sediment in irrigation systems when the hardness of water is high.


– This fertilizer can be mixed with most fertilizers and pesticides.

– For special cases, it is better to do a mixing test before consumption.

                    Compounds :


Macronutrients (%)  (ppm)  Micronutrients
K2O P2O5 N Fe Zn Mn Cu Mo B
Chelated with EDTA
10 52 10 300 200 150 100 50 100


















Usage Instructions:

Terms of consumption spraying

Kg per 1000 liters))


Earthy method



It should be used in irrigation water once every three weeks 3-2


8-10 Fruit trees
6-8 kitchen-garden
5-7 Rhizogenesis
8-8 Weat and barley
8-10 Corn
7-5 Saffron
5-4 Ornamental plants
8-5 Other plants



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